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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kucinich Campaign Calls New Constitutional Convention Initiative

The following initiative has been announced by the Kucinich campaign. Hopefully it can be tied in to promoting awareness of Congress' dereliction in failing to call a Constitutional Convention already. --Eric

This evening (Wednesday, November 14th) at 9pm EST the campaign will hold a national town hall meeting via our new streaming media capability on the web. The address is:

This town hall meeting will provide an opportunity for the campaign to introduce the New Constitutional Convention Initiative to supporters and anyone who is concerned about the state of affairs in the United States. The New Constitutional Convention Initiative will include a series of nationally broadcast discussions (via that seek to accomplish three outcomes:

  • Outline the ongoing assaults on the Constitution. An educational component/civics lesson to clarify the intent of the framers and provide a foundation for understanding the ongoing assaults on the Constitution
  • Discuss in detail what can be done collectively and individually to restore crucial constitutional principles
  • Provide a venue which will lead to a coordinated and sustained national effort to renew the Constitution and restore accountability in government
The New Constitutional Convention Initiative will hold a national conference call each week for the next 10 weeks - culminating in a major event at the end of January. A complete list of dates, panel participants and moderators, and topics/themes for each week, will be made available in the next week and distributed to anyone interested in participating.

Either Congressman Kucinich or I will be on the call to introduce the initiative -- depending on the outcome of an expected important Congressional vote. Please pass the word and let's get this party (Constitutional Convention) started.

Best regards,
Mike Michael Klein
Campaign Manager
Kucinich for President 2008

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