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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Excerpt from New Erotic SF Is Online

Keywords: science fiction

The following message was forwarded to the phillygeek list from Leigh Wood. --Eric

I'm wrapping up my new erotica novel On The Way To New Isosceles, and we've just posted an excerpt of the first FIVE Chapters at my website!

As you can see I'm still sharing some space from Kristin Battestella, but I'm looking into getting a blogspot site going. Yahoo 360 isn't very user-friendly for a girl like me! I also share space at the
Kristin Battestella Yahoo Group. I'm shameless, I know!

Feel free to comment on On The Way To New Isosceles. Not that I like criticism, but you know when you need it! In addition to the excerpt, there are character bios and summaries online as well.

Not too much naughty to start these chapters, but just a reminder that On The Way To New Isosceles is for mature [sic; read "not prudish" -- E.] readers! Thanks!

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