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Sunday, May 27, 2018

This Fundamentalist Apologist Can't Even Keep His Lies Straight

For instance, he claims that reforming Muslims like Maajid Nawaz think "that Muslims must choose between liberal principles and their faith" -- and, just a line further on, that they call Islam "a religion that is in need of reform”. Obviously, if you think a religion is in need of reform, that means you think it can be reformed -- and, therefore, that you don't need to choose between your liberal principles and your faith. Of course Nawaz and others also prove that they don't think you need to choose by the very fact that they remain Muslims.

A few paragraphs later, this liar claims that Nawaz's "Quilliam Foundation adopts the Islamophobic tenet that radicalization is a uniquely Muslim phenomenon," while linking to a sympathetic article that says nothing of the sort.

Friday, May 25, 2018

More People Are Signing for Amnesty to End Its Sexist "Troll Patrol" Program

I'm pleased to report that my petition to Amnesty International to end or reform its sexist "Troll Patrol" program, which I back-burnered while I was working on a GoFundMe, has started picking up new signatures again.


I have also added some additional information and a link to the explanatory text: