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Sunday, November 11, 2007

Challenge the Candidates on a Constitutional Convention

Here's an opportunity to challenge the presidential candidates on the question of an Article V convention, for which Congress has received more than enough petitions but has failed to call as constitutionally mandated. Please follow the link at the end of the message below if you're unfamiliar with the issue, then vote on the video.

Eric Hamell

Dear Friends,
As most of you know presidential candidates are being asked video questions on various issues during this campaign. The questions that are asked are determined by votes.
One of our members, Nelson Lee Walker (no relation) has posted a video question about the position of the presidential candidates on calling an Article V Convention. The link to the site is:
We would like to ask every member of FOAVC to go to this site and vote to help get this question before the presidential candidates. And we'd like to ask all of you to forward the link to all people on your mailing lists and ask them to vote to get this question asked of the candidates.
Thank you.
Bill Walker
FOAVC co-founder

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