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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Occupy, so we can all be occupied

I'm getting sick and tired of letters to the editor perpetuating hoary old stereotypes about protesters. So I've submitted this letter to Metro:

I'm employed, so I can't take part in the Occupy movement full time. But if I could I would. Capitalism by its nature can't give everyone a job -- only fear of unemployment can force people to work for less money than their labor creates, with the difference going to non-working owners -- so I'm glad that after fifty years I'm finally seeing a movement broad enough to begin building an alternative to this system, one that could guarantee everyone decent work at a living wage and an equal vote in how profits are reinvested.

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Jaybird1 said...

I found a great book you will like based on a previous blog post about the clustering of wealth in local communities and the impact that such behavior has on real estate values and busienss development! Im the guy you sit near when you eat lunch at 21 and sansom occasionally! HI!