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Saturday, October 08, 2011

In one of my dreams last night I read about "take," the practice (according to the article) of geeky people going around without their shirts. It quoted one of them explaining how it helps him deal with his emotional issues, then described his wife making a supportive comment while giving his back an affectionate rub.


Anonymous said...

you have very interesting dreams... i remember that one you wrote of a while ago in which Geert Wilders made an appearance. Do you often remember your dreams? I feel like I forget mine as soon as I awaken... Have you ever had a recurring one?

stripey7 said...

There are certainly recurring themes. Some of these are very common, like being back in school and realizing I haven't been doing any of the work. Others are a bit more idiosyncratic, like ones where I'm in the Army -- odd for an anti-militarist.