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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Protest Israeli Siege of Gaza

I'll be sure to bring my camcorder to this event so I can send some footage to my friend Emad who lives there.

Saturday, January 26th - Join in the International
Solidarity Protests of the Israeli Siege of Gaza.

In Philadelphia: Gather at 12 noon across from the
Liberty Bell at 5th & Market Sts. for a march to the
Israeli Consulate at 15th & Locust.

Protests around the world on Saturday will stand in
solidarity with Israeli peace groups in coordination with
the Palestinian International Campaign to End Siege on
Gaza are organizing a protest/relief convoy to challenge
the blockade.

Sponsored by: Philadelphia al Nakba Committee, Bubbes and
Zaydes for Peace, Jewish Voice for Peace, SUSTAIN,
Philadelphia International Action Center and Students for
Justice in Palestine

The siege being imposed on Palestinians is making life a
living hell in Gaza. The World Food Program has said that
food imports only cover 41 per cent of demand.
Palestinians are suffering from hunger and malnutrition,
and those seriously ill are being prevented from accessing
essential medical treatment outside Gaza by Israel sealing
the borders. Israel is cutting fuel and electricity
supplies, and 210,000 people are able to access drinking
water for only 1-2 hours a day.

Over 40 Gazans have died as a direct result of being
denied medical treatment by the Israeli authorities.
Twenty per cent of essential drugs and 31 per cent of
essential medical supplies are no longer available inside
Gaza .

The Israeli, EU, US and British governments are
systematically attempting to overturn the results of the
last Palestinian parliamentary elections, declared free
and fair by the international community. This siege is
punishing Palestinians for simply exercising their right
to choose their own representatives.

The Israeli government policy of collective punishment is
morally unjustifiable and a clear violation of
international law.

But an even greater assault is on the horizon, with senior
Israeli figures making clear that if their policy of
imposing a humanitarian catastrophe in Gaza does not
succeed in ensuring that Palestinians submit to the will
of the state of Israel , they are preparing for massive
military action inside Gaza .

Israeli peace groups in coordination with the Palestinian
International Campaign to End Siege on Gaza are organizing
a protest/relief convoy on JANUARY 26, 2008. Activists
from both sides of the Gaza border will attempt to
transfer desperately needed food and medical supplies.
They are calling for solidarity protests around the world
to demand the convoy be allowed to pass, and the siege be
ended immediately.

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