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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Welcome to Gondwanaland!

And you thought you couldn't visit it, just because it disappeared millions of years ago. Oh, ye of little imagination! Just go to and you're there!

I invite everyone -- especially those of you to whom I'm sending this as an email -- to introduce yourselves here by posting a comment. We're a big, empty continent -- we need immigrants!

A couple notes to start things off:

Fannish tongue-twister of the week -- Slack-jawed, Dax saw a jackdaw.

The biology/politics dialectic: what is it?

Yours in prehistoric exploration,


Anonymous said...

Good. Glad to see this. Not feeling good this eve & I'll be away from tomorrow till Friday.

stripey7 said...

Hi Jaynee,

Long time, no see! I hope you're better now.

I recently met Van Stone, who said he knows Harry from the paper.

Talk soon,