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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

So... Now I Know What to Do with Myself

I've been wrestling with which way to take the rest of my life since I was laid off a few months ago. Today I attended an Idealist Grad Fair, half not believing it could do me any good, and fully undecided about which of numerous fields I might pursue. By partway through, after mentioning to one rep that psychological issues had got in the way of pursuing post-baccalaureate education or even a suitable job, it hit me: the one area I can make the most  difference is helping people dealing with the same issues that got in my way, especially the aftereffects of cult involvement. So now I am going to pursue a career in psychology where I can specialize in that, as a too-small handful currently do.

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Jessica Dickey said...

Congrats Stripey! We talked about this last Sat at the LW meetup (this is Jess). I was really bummed when I heard about your layoff because the previous had seemed like such an idealistic job for you. I do hope this path works out, and please keep me updated on how it's coming. I was laid off in Spring and am still trying to get back on my feet, I am also considering going back to school and would be interested to hear your thought/philosophy on this path, since everyone I've talked to thus far has tried to talk me out of it. All the best & keep me updated on your film showing :)