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Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Changing My Mobile Service

Edit: When I first posted this I neglected to explain that what I was trying so unsuccessfully to do was pay my bill so I could get another month of service. For the past week I've relied on public phones, or borrowed ones, to stay in touch with my supervisors. Today the new phone arrived and I had it activated, although at the moment it still has a temporary number while I wait for the old one to port over.

It's been quite frustrating the past few days. On the last day of September, I went to the Chestnut Street store for Cricket Wireless in Center City Philadelphia, only to find it had closed without warning. (The Market Street location had closed a few weeks before, also without warning.) So I called customer service for other locations and was given a couple affiliates. Next day I visit one, or rather a neighbor at the same address, who informs me he isn't open for business yet and she doesn't know when he will be. I try the other, and he says he only takes payments for minutes, not contracts. So I call Cricket again, and am given another affiliate. The clerk I speak to there tries to contact her Cricket rep but is unable to reach him. Further, she is unable to log into Cricket from her store computer. So I call yet again and get another address, a Cricket store on Lancaster Avenue in West Philly. I go there and learn they've been unable to contact the company either, so the problem is with Cricket's computers and not Gamestop in the Gallery after all.

I revisited Gamestop yesterday and today with no more luck, nor could I log in from this library computer. So finally I've given up on them and signed up for service with CREDO Mobile. I should get my new phone in a couple days.

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