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Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Philly's Democratic Party Quietly Repudiates Democracy

Edit: The column that appeared in the print edition of Metro overstated the new rule's scope. It applies not to all primaries, but only to the selection of nominees for special elections. Previously the ward leader(s) for the district directly concerned had the final say; now they can be overridden by the Democratic County Committee. Although this is a less sweeping change than the original column suggested, it's still a curtailment of democracy in that it shifts power away from people elected by the voters of that district, toward a body elected largely by people in other districts. And the fact this change was introduced in such a stealthy way, along with other sneaky things mentioned in the column, indicates the party leaders know the move has no justification.

It's now official: there's no democracy in Philly's "Democratic" party.

For those progressives who've tried to work within the city's one-party system, it's time to hear the message the One Party is sending you loud and clear: it wants you to get lost!

Unlike the Democrats, the Green Party City Committee has never endorsed candidates. These decisions are left to individual members attending the monthly membership meetings. And, thanks to the party's policy of refusing corporate money, candidates can pursue their values -- starting with the Four Pillars of nonviolence, grassroots democracy, social justice, and ecological wisdom -- without compromise. So, if you're looking for a true progressive voice where your vote still actually means something, it's time to go Green!

The next membership meeting will be held Wednesday, 30 September, 7 pm at Calvary Church, 48th Street and Baltimore Avenue. Membership meetings are open to the public, and all registered Greens may participate as voting members.

Your local elections don’t mean anything now thanks to a new bylaw that the Chairman of the Philadelphia Democratic Party, Bob Brady, put into effect.|By Ernest Owens

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