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Friday, April 11, 2014

My Recordings Are Now Online

I've finally created my musician account and uploaded two recordings: my reading of Chuck Stone's children's story Squizzy the Black Squirrel: A Fabulous Fable of Friendship, and my filk song "Trinity," based on Lois McMaster Bujold's novel The Curse of Chalion.

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stripey7 said...

I wrote this "filk" (that's fannish folk) song in 2004 based on Lois McMaster Bujold's fantasy novel The Curse of Chalion. The song concerns the protagonist, Cazaril, who at the story's opening is on his last legs when he finds his way back to the noble house where he'd served as a page in his youth. The noblewoman remembers him and gives him a job as secretary and tutor to Iselle, a princess in the royal line of succession, and her lady-in-waiting. Soon they're summoned to the royal court, where he learns Iselle has been betrothed by the King to a lout named Dondo. Feeling he owes his all to save her from this fate, Cazaril tries to reason with the King, but finds he's weak-willed and under the sway of Dondo's scheming brother. Next he tries various mundane modes of assassination on Dondo, all to no avail. Finally he resorts to death magic, praying to the Bastard God to take Dondo's soul and expecting that if he's successful, his soul will be taken too — because that's how death magic works. And then he collapses from exhaustion.

When he awakens and finds himself still alive (although oddly bloated), he thinks his prayer must have been unsuccessful — but then learns that Dondo has, indeed, died mysteriously. He finds a retired sorcerer who figures out what happened: the Bastard God did send his death demon for Cazaril's and Dondo's souls, but then another god, the Lady of Spring, intervened for some purpose of her own, encapsulating the death demon and Dondo together in Cazaril's gut. Hence that bloated feeling.

This song is about Cazaril's plight.