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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's been a great week for chance encounters. Last Wednesday, on the bus to Philly AIDS Thrift to donate a record I'd ordered through the mail which had turned out not to be what I thought (the seller, Bubba Chubs Records, refunded me but said just pass it on, don't spend money on returning it), I saw my old friend Amy Murray, whom I'd met in the YSA as an adolescent and remained close to for some time thereafter, but hadn't heard from for a few years. I gave her my email address orally since I had to get off, and hope she remembered it.

Later the same evening, while at the Trestle Inn for a film screening by Secret Cinema, I saw Edmund, someone I met when he worked at Mellon Independence Center and I was contracting there daily, who has similar political views to mine. I'd seen him previously at a couple screenings at the Chemical Heritage Foundation, which is pretty close to MIC and apparently how he became acquainted with SC.

And, just this afternoon, I was accosted by Lori Wollod, whom I was involved with for a few years (1997-2001 IIRC), but also hadn't seen for a few years. She gave me her address and told me to send her mine. Btw, I ran into her the same place she'd previously reintroduced herself to me: the Shops at Liberty Place.

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