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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Yesterday -- but not for the first time -- I received a religious chain letter from something called the Churches of Saint Matthew. It included a "prayer rug" (made of paper) bearing what I suppose is called a trompe l'oeil: an image of Jesus that seems to change as you look at it, from closed eyes to open ones. The letter instructed me to pray on the "rug" and mail it back the following morning, only opening the "sealed prophecy" after I'd done so.

Of course I was having none of this. I read everything the same night, including the "prophecy," which as expected was conveniently non-specific. In the morning, I sent this letter sans "rug":

Dear sister and brother humans,

I submit my mind exclusively to the information the Universe gives me about itself through my senses. To me, substituting any figments of human imagination for what reality itself tells me is idolatry.

Consequently, I am not returning your so-called prayer rug Magic Eye picture so that you can use it to promote your superstition to others more susceptible than myself. I may, however, scan and upload it to my Atheist Meetup Group for others' amusement.

Sincerely, etc.

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stripey7 said...

Having stared at it a bit, I must note that insofar as he starts looking as if his eyes are open, they're eyes without pupils, which is kinda zombie-creepy. But then, that's appropriate, I guess.

john z said...

Persons have been manipulated to believe the ancient propaganda that this photo of a cadaver is not only still alive but that it is god. One has to be a little crazy to and scared perhaps to adhere to such a conclusion. John Z