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Monday, March 12, 2012

So on the subway today, a guy started haranguing the other passengers. He began by saying something like, "I hope you don't mine me taking a moment of your time," but it's not like he was giving us any choice, since he was talking too loud for me to read. He starts telling how a while ago he was a "player," and then a girlfriend outed him to another girlfriend.
It wasn't hard to guess where this was going -- soon he was telling us he had gotten religion and thought we should too. Never mind that by his own account -- which I shouldn't necessarily believe, since evangelizing groups often encourage members to exaggerate their past lives of "sin" to heighten the contrast with their present "saved" condition -- it wasn't God but girl talk that had spurred him to change.

But in the nick of time he gave me a good "pivot" by declaring, "It all starts with loving God!" So as I was about to get off I turned back and answered just as loudly, "It all starts with loving HUMANITY -- not believing in fairies!"

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