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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Philosophy/Psychology Nexus?

Here's a curious observation: with two people I've been Facebook friends with, when someone made a skeptical comment on a "spiritual" post they'd made, they reacted as if this were a personal attack. In part, this seems to reflect an attitude that their Facebook Wall is their personal property. Yet I can't recall any of my atheist or rationalist friends (who are probably far more numerous) ever reacting that way. To the contrary, like me they seem to genuinely welcome debate on threads they've initiated, just as much as on those started by others. It would seem that a certain type of spirituality is particularly attractive to people with fragile egos.

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Geoffrey A. Hamell said...

This is because spiritual beliefs are a security blanket for many people, providing a sense of comfort and reassurance that they can't get from bare facts. When those beliefs are called into question, even politely, it can make them feel as if the ground beneath them is unsteady, so to speak. Atheists don't usually have that emotional attachment to their views - though they may feel just as threatened by the religious right!