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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

These Magnets Are Repulsive

I read today on a screen that Crowne Plaza hotels are now offering "no-snore" rooms, one of whose features is "magnetic pillows" whose embedded magnets supposedly keep sleepers' airways open. This is of course complete nonsense since magnets have no effect on anything but iron, nickel, and cobalt (and moving electric charges). This hotel chain is shamelessly exploiting some people's scientific ignorance.

I looked for contact information for Crowne Plaza hotels, and the only thing I could find that's not specifically for guest feedback is this address for the Americas office of InterContinental Hotels Group LLC,
of which Crowne Plaza is a part:

InterContinental Hotels Group
3 Ravinia Drive Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30346-2149

I'm writing them today to call on them to stop promoting pseudoscience!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to do the same! I once wrote a letter to a TV station about a commercial they were running for a pad that supposedly drew toxins out of your feet. You'd wake up in the morning to find this discolored rag supposedly chock full with toxins. In reality, there were chemicals in it that simply reacted to your sweat!

stripey7 said...

Sneaky. Reminds me of so-called ear candling, which supposedly removes excess wax from your ears, along with toxins of course. Scientific tests show the purported ear wax that comes out is really just the candle wax. And it's dangerous to boot.