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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wednesday, 15 December: Day of action for Rite Aid workers

Jobs with Justice reports there will be a national day of action 15 December for Rite Aid workers, whose benefits are under attack. I've left the following message for their CEO, who just gave himself a huge raise:

Stop attacking Rite Aid workers!

Think you have to make cuts to keep the company profitable? All right, then how about cutting your OWN salary to that of the average employee? After all, they're contributing as many hours per week as you are. So why should you be making any more than they are?


Anonymous said...

Did you ever go to a protest?

stripey7 said...

Sure, plenty. How about you?

I've been politically active since I was 15, over thirty years ago. And that's largely consisted of going to protests and helping organize and build them.