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Saturday, March 15, 2008

160 Area People Hail Xenu

It was part of a global day of protests against the Church of Scientology, and that's how many participants local organizers counted. It was probably the most theatrical demonstration I've ever been part of. Many of those in attendance wore suits and "V for Vendetta" or other masks, while carrying signs like "Audit $cientology" (an apparent effort to fit in with St. Patty's festivities), "Battlefield Earth sukked. I want my 8.50 back," and "McCult: I'm Leavin' It." We also sang songs such as "When the Thetans Come Marching In." There's more info at

Eric Hamell

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stripey7 said...

A few days after, I encountered a couple of Anonymous leafletting in Market East, where CoS often runs its "stress test" scam. They told me the final figure for the 15th was 185.