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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Come join us!

Keywords: political cults, political music, punk rock, religious cults

The other day, listening to one of my CDs more closely than before, I noticed a couple songs that are quite germane to those of us who've had experiences with abusive groups. This one pertains to the sort of group that I belonged to once, in my adolescence:

"Come Join Us"

Don't you see all the trouble that most people are in
And that they just want you for their own advantage
But I swear to you we're different from all of them
Come join us
I can tell you are lookin' for a way to live
Where truth is determined by consensus
Full of codified arbitrary directives
Come join us
All we want to have is your small mind
Turn it into one of our own kind
You can go through life adrift and alone
Desperate, desolate, on your own
But we're lookin' for a few more stalwart clones
So come join us
Come join us
Come join us

We've got spite and dedication as a vehement brew
The world hates us, well we hate them too
But you're exempted of course if you
Come join us
Independent, self-contented, revolutionary
Intellectual, brave, strong and scholarly
If you're not one of them, you're us already so
Come join us

And here's one for those whose abusers were more "spiritual":

"Spirit Shine"

Shed a tear for the criminal, give him something to believe
Light a fire for the miserable, give the darkness some meaning
Closed wounds harbor pestilence, when you lick them from within
Charity has a redolence chastity cannot rescind

Spirit shine, it's a sign
Of a troubled mind (tortured mind)
Spirit shine all the time
Can render you blind

You can take it all to heart or throw it all away
You can call it just a lark or live your life that way
You can give until you're dry and sucked of all your gleam
You can fake another cry and compromise your dream

Cling tight to the parable -- let it dominate your life
Create a God who's infallible -- give your leader some respite
Closed wounds harbor pestilence -- when you lick them from within
Rosy smiles lose their radiance -- when you take it on the chin

Both of these are from Bad Religion's album The Gray Race.

Eric Hamell

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