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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

"Veto No, Peace Yes"?

Some people at the impeachment rally the other day were holding signs saying, "Veto No, Peace Yes." So I approached one and said this made no sense to me. Surely it's good that Bush is vetoing a war spending bill, whatever his motives may be. She agreed, but added that she feared the Democrats would eventually "cave" and vote a bill without any deadlines.

This may indeed be, but it misses the point. The point is that it utterly confuses the issue to protest, in the name of peace, the veto of a war spending bill just because it was passed by an opposition party that claims to be for peace yet votes for more war with only a few dubious strings attached. It lets the Democrats off the hook for being prowar while letting them, rather than the objective requirements of peace, set the agenda.

What would have been an appropriate slogan, you ask? How about "Veto All War Funding"? It's just as concise as the other slogan, with the bonus of actually making sense!

Eric Hamell

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