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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Making a wee move

Hello, folks. I don't have any commentary today -- just announcing that I'm moving. One floor up.

You see, my roommate, Bruce, is paranoid as well as obsessive-compulsive, and it's started to cramp my style. The building manager assures me that the guy in the 2BR upstairs shouldn't cause me any problems. So I'll meet with him in a couple days to change the suite number on my lease.

I was already planning to ask for 22-26 January off from work so I can be rested for the antiwar demo on the 27th. This should give me plenty of time to move everything.

Eric Hamell

P.S. Are you wondering if anyone else has come up with any fannish wordplay since the tongue twister I included in my first post? Well, someone has: Data did, a tad. (OK, actually I came up with that.)

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