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"Thanks for the newspaper with your book review. I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this terrific piece of writing. It is beautiful, complex, scholarly. Only sorry Mr. Freire cannot read it!" -- Ailene

Cassie Jaye, the day before I met her at the _Red Pill_ world premiere

Thursday, August 04, 2022

Rage of Consent: How Our Love/Hate Relationship with Youth Sexuality and Abuse Hysteria Is Endangering Our Culture

Rage of Consent: How Our Love/Hate Relationship with Youth Sexuality and Abuse Hysteria Is Endangering Our Culture 

By Heather Corinna

Monday, July 25, 2022

A Mind Is a Terrible Thing to Close

I'm saddened to have just learned that someone with whom I'd been mutuals on Twitter, and who actually did my portrait a few summers ago (along with others of her Twitter friends), blocked me and unsubbed me from her Substack after I'd sent her an email sharing some life experiences that didn't fit with her world view. This is someone who had once been identified with the Intellectual Dark Web, so you might have expected her to have some commitment to being open-minded. Evidently not. đŸ˜¥

Thursday, July 21, 2022

All I Can Remember (Submissive Version)

The other day I published one of my song parodies on Fetlife's filking group. It's already received a positive comment (no surprise, since the ones I performed at the Erotic Literary Salon got positive responses too), but when I mentioned it in one of my support groups yesterday, a member who apparently isn't on Fetlife asked how he could see it, so I'm posting it here too.

It's a takeoff on the Seekers song "All I Can Remember," and is thematically very similar, aside from the addition of kink. I've modified the title only for the sake of clarity.


All I Can Remember (Submissive Version)

Happy days and happy kisses, tickles everywhere
That's all I can remember of times we used to share
Naughty nights and naughty spankings, times you made me crawl
That's all I can remember, all that I recall

I remember seasons when you weren't so far away
I still can hear your laughter when you made me obey
Sheltered from all prying eyes behind your soundproof wall
That's all I can remember, all that I recall

Standing above me
Your smiling face, your warning face fill my mind
I know you love me
And you're the one from whom I want a sore behind!

So, my love, the more I think, the more I want to say
I loved when you made my buns shine and then kissed my tears away
Under your complete control is where I loved to fall
That's all I can remember, all that I recall

Friday, June 10, 2022

Tell Google: Protect Privacy for Abortion Seekers!

Friday, February 04, 2022

Philosophy for Children: Helping the Next Generation Fulfill Its Intellectual Potential


“It is not merely that children are capable of philosophical thought, but rather, that such thinking comes naturally to them, and it is inherent in their nature. When given the environment to pursue big ideas, and with the encouragement of adults, they revel in it. This is easily observed through the many times a child may ask ‘why?’” – Human, “The Wonderful Minds of Children”

Philosophy for Children
is a program to encourage this potential.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

A Love the State Couldn't Cancel

The late Mary Fualaau would have turned sixty today. Better known as Mary Kay Letourneau, her name at the time she met Vili Fualaau as his sixth-grade teacher, they subsequently became lovers and eventually were married. They spent fourteen happy years together as husband and wife, but all told their love lasted 24 years, surviving six years of separation by ageist sex laws during which she was in prison for their relationship.

Source: Un Seul Crime, l’Amour
(French: Only One Crime, Love)
by Mary Letourneau and Vili Fualaau
Éditions Fixot (Paris, France), 1998

 Vili Fualaau

Vili Fualaau was twelve years old when, by his own account, he seduced his 34-year-old teacher, Mary Letourneau. After she was arrested for their relationship, he waited seven years for her release from prison, then at the age of 21 he promptly petitioned the court to have her no-contact order lifted so he could see her. The following year, they were married.

In the first year of Letourneau’s imprisonment, she and Fualaau coauthored a book, which was published only in a French translation, and only in France. The book included three drawings by Fualaau, including the one below, in which Fualaau expressed his feelings about Letourneau’s prosecution. The drawing is not dated, however Fualaau was 14 when the book was published. The two paragraphs below the drawing are translated back into English from the caption of the drawing in the book.

Another drawing by Vili, reflecting his perception of the trial, and where he gives his own version of “the battle of David and Goliath.” In the background, the pillars of society: Trust, Happiness, Life, Heaven, Belief, Understanding, Love, Family, Laws, Spirit, Pride. Vili, as David, holds a sling against the giant Goliath, portrayed as fear, the media, and society (center). Several other characters are involved: left and center, the police and the psychiatrist, driven by a key like automatons, and repeating mechanically: “I’m just doing my job!” (police officer, left) and “Sex offender experiment” (psychiatrist, center). Right, a man yells rape, the prosecutor and judge are questioning, obviously without understanding. In the van, Mary is taken away, and in her hand passed between the bars, she gives Vili Kipling’s famous poem: "If."

Drawing by Vili Fualaau

In this drawing, Vili expresses his message: “Thankful because she gave me something to live for. [I am an] old spirit [with] true full capacity to love someone. Just read my book. I am a false victim. I am not harmed. Believe me.”

Limited excerpt reproduced under fair use doctrine for noncommercial, educational purpose.